Corporate Services and open a Company in Malta

WS Consultancy offers its clients personalized assistance in the setting and management of companies in Malta as well as in a number of jurisdictions such as the United Kingdom and Seychelles. The partners have an extensive experience in providing solutions which are tailor made to the clients needs.

The range of services offered are aimed at providing the client with a one-stop shop in order to offer an expedient and cost-effective solution. Moreover, we firmly believe in the benefits of developing a personal relationship with our clients since trust is at the heart of any successful collaboration in the implementation of a business venture.

Corporate services in Malta

Malta Company Formation

The setting up of a Malta Limited Liability Company offers a number of benefits. Malta is a full member of the European Union and the tax system is OECD compliant. Moreover, Malta’s tax refund system enables non-resident shareholders to effectively benefit from the lowest tax rate within the European Union. In fact, while the Malta corporate tax rate is set at 35%,  once dividends are distributed, the shareholder of the Malta company is entitled to a tax refund, equivalent to six-sevenths (6/7ths) of the tax credit if the dividend is distributed from active trading income and/or a refund of five-sevenths (5/ths) if it is distrubited as result of passive interest and royalties. This refund is available to the non-resident shareholder within 14 days from submission of the specific refund application.

Moreover, Malta has in place double taxation treaties with over 60 countries thus ensuring that the same income is not taxed more than once in another jurisdiction, in particular when the company carries out operations in more than one country.

Other beneficial exemptions include the participation exemption which provides that the gains on the sale of shares in a non-Maltese entity are  exempt from tax in Malta, regardless of the foreign entity’s jurisdiction. The gain derived may then be distributed to non-residents by the Maltese company free of withholding taxes.

Malta represents an excellent corporate choice for business seeking to migrate or re domicile both to and from Malta. In fact no exit taxed are incurred in such scenarios and it is possible for groups of companies to offset losses between group companies.

The benefits indicated above coupled with the low management fees render Malta a sought after corporate jurisdiction.

Malta companies may be set up within 24 hours from receipt of all documentation.

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