– Do I need to be an agent to provide information and service for them?

Applicants that are interested to apply for the Nomad Residence Permit are not required to hire an agent in order to submit their application. Given that the application fee is that of EUR 300, potential applicants can apply for the said program on their own merit. However, if an individual wishes to still hire an agent, he/she can do so as well.

– How long max they can stay here?

This depends on the individual’s intention of stay. With this being said, please keep in mind that Nomad Residence Permits are issued for a maximum of one year.

– They can bring their family?

Yes, family members are welcome to apply together with the main applicant. These said family members include the spouse of the main applicant and/or their children. Please follow our checklist on our website for further guidance on how to apply.

– How much is the minimum amount they need to declare to apply?

Nomad Residence Permit holders need to earn a minimum of EUR 2,700 a month, with an additional 20% of the median wage for each dependent (family members).

Also, depending on the nature of the job from which income declared is being generated. Should applicant submits the bank statements showing income received, it would be best if description of transactions clearly show that the income is being received from the declared economic activity. If this is not the case, other proof of income (for example tax declaration) should be submitted.

What do you need?

  1. Letter of Intent – a signed and dated declaration by the Main Applicant clearly stating the
    motivations for moving to Malta and the intention of applying for the Nomad Residence Permit. The Letter should also include the list of documentation which will be submitted at application stage to support the application.
  2. International Passport – copy of all pages, including blank.
  3. Employment contract and official tax documentation (where applicable) in case of employment – clearly showing obligations to the employer or company and clearly stating that work duties may be performed independent of location by means of telecommunications.
  4. Documentary evidence of all business owned in part or whole (where applicable) in case of selfemployment – official tax returns and/or audited profit and loss accounts for the previous year, stamped and signed by a warranted accountant; certificate of incorporation; memorandum and articles of association; share register; register of directors. Depending on the jurisdiction, documents can, at times, be titled in a different manner but would still hold jurisdictional equivalence. When this occurs, a declaration is required stipulating such differences in titles.
  5. Documentary evidence of all freelance activities (where applicable) in case of freelance – service contracts clearly showing obligations to the service receiver, the work duties performed and rate of payment; a one year bank statement(s) showing inward transactions of income generated from the declared activities (for which service contracts are being submitted); three invoices and corresponding receipts issued to service receiver(s) (for which service contracts are being submitted and which income is shown in the bank statement(s).
  6. Europass CV – a description of study and professional life course, signed by the Applicant.
  7. Bank Statement – Bank statement of the account in the name of Main Applicant from which funds for the fee for this application are being remitted, showing main source of income in the past 3 months. This could include your salary, dividends, director fees, rental income, interest from investments, shares, assets, etc.
  8. Local/international health insurance policy
  9. Forms to be sign

Whilst hoping that the above has cleared your queries, should you require any additional information and/or clarifications, please do not hesitate to revert back to us.