Do you know about the new Cohabitation Law in Malta

If you live with your partner (EU or NON EU) or you are planning on living together, you can enter into a cohabitation agreement in Malta.

❣️What is the Cohabitation Act?

Parliament has approved a new law which recognizes and regulates different kinds of cohabitation. The aim of this Act is to protect cohabiting couples by legally recognizing their rights and duties. Prior to this Act, Maltese law did not recognize, and therefore did not offer protection to cohabiting couples.

❣️Who do couples cohabit?

Spending more time together and convenience were the most strongly endorsed reasons. The degree to which individuals reported cohabiting to test their relationships was associated with more negative couple communication and more physical aggression as well as lower relationship adjustment, confidence, and dedication.

❣️Who can cohabit?

EU or NON-EU Couples. Cohabitation Act allows any couple who considers itself to be in an intimate relationship and wishes to live together to enter into cohabitation in terms of this law. Persons who are legally separated may also be recognized as de facto cohabitants.

In terms of this law, cohabitation has the same limitations imposed by the Marriage Act, meaning that cohabitation may not occur in the following cases:

❤️With a person who is under age;
❤️Between ascendants and descendants in the direct line;
❤️Between siblings;
❤️Between persons being related by affinity in the direct line; ❤️Between Eu and NON-EU/NON-EU and NON-EU/ EU and EU;
❤️Between the person adopting and the adoptee;
❤️Between persons, one of whom is unable to give his consent.

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